Any completed diagnostics should appear as "Completed" to your students—Quill doesn't count those assessments as graded activities because they are meant to be baselines to indicate which skills students need more support with. Additionally, since the diagnostics are also written to be intentionally difficult, Quill aims to deemphasize students' scores, and instead emphasize their follow-up recommended pathways. However, you'll always be able to view reports and scores on students' completed diagnostics from your "Diagnostics" tab in "Student Reports".

Of course, if it is your preference, you are also welcome to share the scores from that Diagnostics Report with students directly. Otherwise, all non-Diagnostic/Lesson activities will always show up with grades in your teacher dashboard.

Additionally, all other completed Quill activities will show on students’ dashboards with proficiency scores, as well as with the option to replay.

Check out our linked Support Center article for further information about how Quill grades activities.

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