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How do I read the Student responses report?
How do I read the Student responses report?

The Student responses report provides an overview of individual students' skill proficiencies and responses on a Quill Diagnostic.

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The Student responses report provides a student's Baseline Diagnostic (Pre) data and shows a student's percentage score and the number of skills for which that student is proficient for a Baseline Diagnostic (Pre) that a student completed, an overview of a student's specific answers to the questions on the Baseline Diagnostic (Pre), and whether or not they correctly used the relevant writing skill when responding to each prompt in the Baseline Diagnostic (Pre).

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Accessing the Student responses report

Navigate to the My Reports tab and click the Diagnostics sub-tab.

On the Diagnostics report landing page, you will see each Quill Diagnostic that has been assigned to your classes. Use the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the page to select a class and only see the Quill Diagnostics assigned to that class.

To view the reports for a specific Quill Diagnostic and specific class, click the View results and recommendations button for that Quill Diagnostic.

Click the Student responses tab in the menu on the left side of the subsequent page.

Understanding the Student responses report

When you click on the Student responses tab, you will see a table displaying both the number and percentage of questions that each student correctly answered when completing the Quill Diagnostic. Furthermore, you will see the number of skills for which each student was proficient out of all of the skills assessed in the Quill Diagnostic.

This table in the Student responses report is the only report where you can see the number and percentage of questions that a student answered correctly when completing a Quill Diagnostic. In all other reports and in the student's dashboard, the Quill Diagnostic will only be marked as Completed.

Tip ๐Ÿ’ก: Click here for more information about why students do not see a score for the Quill Diagnostic in their student dashboard.

Clicking the View button for any student in the Student responses report will lead you to a page with each of the responses that that student submitted for each of the questions in the Quill Diagnostic.

On an individual student's Student responses report, you will see the student's answer for each question in the Quill Diagnostic and whether or not the student used the skill addressed in the question correctly.

Teacher Center Resources ๐Ÿ“–

Use the Student responses report during conferences with students about their Quill Diagnostic performance and use the Growth Diagnostic Student responses report to show student growth in writing skills.

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