All students

A table showing a list of students, their scores, and a way to view their individual responses
  • Students are sorted by lowest to the highest scoring

  • To see responses for an individual student click the "View" button next to their name

  • This is the only place where you can see the student's percent score on the diagnostic. On all other reports and the student's Quill account, the diagnostic will be shown as "Complete"

Individual student responses


A table showing how a student performed in three skills
  • Fully correct means the students got the skill correct every time it was used

  • Partially correct means the student got the skill correct at least once and at least once the skill was incorrect

  • Not present means that the student did not use the skill


A table showing a list of questions, along with the student's responses and whether they got the question correct or incorrect
  • For each question in the diagnostic, you'll see which concepts a student triggered and whether they got the concept correct or incorrect

  • Each question has at least one concept

  • For growth diagnostics, you'll be able to toggle between baseline and growth diagnostic results

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