The Diagnostics generate personalized learning plans for each student based on their performance. To access Diagnostic activity recommendations,

  1. Select the "Student Reports" tab on your teacher dashboard

  2. Select "Diagnostics"

  3. Click "View" next to the diagnostic you assigned and the class you assigned it to

From there, 

  1. Quill automatically checks the boxes next to the activity packs that we recommend for each student.

  2. To preview what is in each activity pack, click the "View Pack" link under each concept.

  3. Select "Assign Activity Packs" and all activity packs with the black checkmark will be assigned. If you want tips on how to read this chart or how to stagger recommendations over a period of time, read on before clicking "Assign Activity Packs".

Not sure how to read the recommendations grid?

Let's use the Commas pack as an example. You will see one of the three boxes for any given student after they have completed the Diagnostic:

1. White highlighted square: student has shown proficiency using Commas, you do not need to assign this activity pack. Box will be unchecked.

2. Blue highlighted square with black checkmark: the Commas pack is recommended to the student based on their diagnostic results. Box is automatically checked, ready for you to assign.

3. Blue highlighted square with green checkmark: indicates the recommended activity pack has been assigned to the student - this happens after you click "Assign Activity Packs". Students can see the activity pack on their dashboard and start working on it right away.

Stagger Release of Recommended Activity Packs

You may decide that seeing up to eight activity packs at once in their dashboard could be overwhelming for your students, especially if they are still working on how to pace their independent practice time. Or you may be using Quill to support a particular unit or curricular sequence and want to time different concepts to align with planned lessons. In those cases, you can uncheck any blue highlighted squares and assign only a few at a time - here are more tips on how to pace these recommendations.

Note: If you delete the diagnostic from which the recommendations were assigned, you will no longer be able to see the associated recommendations grid, but the activity packs generated by those recommendations and the work students have completed for those packs will not be deleted. For more information on deleting assignments generally, check out our guide to un-assigning activities.

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