The Diagnostics generate personalized learning plans for each student based on their performance. To access Diagnostic activity recommendations,

  1. Select the "Student Reports" tab on your teacher dashboard

  2. Select "Diagnostics"

From there, 

  1. Select the Diagnostic for which you would like to view the recommendations 

  2. Select "Recommendations." Quill automatically checks the boxes next to the activity packs that we recommend for each student.

  3. Select "Assign Activity Packs"

The green checks indicate that the activity pack has been assigned. 

Note: If you later on delete the diagnostic from which the recommendations were assigned, you will no longer be able to see the associated recommendations grid, but the activity packs generated by those recommendations and the work students have completed for those packs will not go anywhere. For more information on deleting assignments generally, check out our guide to un-assigning activities.

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