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Why do students’ dashboards show diagnostic results only as "Completed"?
Why do students’ dashboards show diagnostic results only as "Completed"?
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Once students complete a Quill Diagnostic, they will see the copy, Completed, for this Quill Diagnostic in their student dashboards. Because the purpose of a Quill Diagnostic is to find a student's writing skill proficiencies and to provide direction about the writing skills that students need to further practice, Quill Diagnostics are intentionally written to be difficult. For this reason, Quill aims to deemphasize the scores of Quill Diagnostics by not showing Quill Diagnostic scores on students' dashboards and instead aims to emphasize the practice recommendation activities that are assigned after the completion of a Quill Diagnostic.

As a teacher, you are able to view a student's percentage score for a Quill Diagnostic, an overview of a student's specific responses to the prompts on a Quill Diagnostic, and whether or not they correctly used the relevant writing skill when responding to each prompt in the Student responses report of the Diagnostics report.

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