This article serves as an overview of the Quill student dashboard and its components. For information on how you can view your students' dashboards yourself, check out our article walkthrough of the "View as student" feature.

The Classes Page

Once your students log in to their Quill accounts, they'll first be able to see their "Classes" page. This page houses all of their classes, including your class and any other classes they might belong to.

Students will click on your class section to enter their student dashboard for your class. The student "Classwork" view has two tabs: "To-do Activities" and "Completed Activities".

In the "To-do Activities" section, students will be able to view a list of all the activities that they have yet to start or complete.

In the "Completed Activities" section, students will be able to view all completed activities, see their proficiency scores for all of their graded activities, and can use the "Replay" button to attempt any graded activity again.

Additionally, to accommodate for color blind users, the "Tool" type is separated from the activity color score, and the color key is accompanied by text.

The Resources Page

From their initial dashboard home screen, students will also have access to a student-facing "Resources" page.

If students are looking for Quill technical help, directions, and/or best practices for using Quill, they can click into the Resources page, which will bring them to the Student Center. The Student Center is home to several Getting Started PDFs for students, as well as an expanding video library aimed at helping students get the most out of Quill.

For more information on Quill's Student Center, check out our "Introducing the Student Center" article!

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