There are 2 ways to review whether an activity on Quill has been assigned to students in the past.

Access your list of assigned activities from My Activities

The My Activities tab serves as the home base for all of your assigned activities. From this page, you can filter by class and view all of the activity packs and individual activities that have been assigned to that class. Learn more about the My Activities tab here.

While assigning a new activity pack

Another way to check if an activity has been assigned before is during the assignment process of a new activity pack. After selecting activities to create a new activity pack (through the Activity Library or the Featured Activity Packs pages) you will be taken to a page to manage the assignment details of the new activity pack.

After adding a name to your new activity pack, scroll down to the step, "Review activities and pick due dates." The Previously assigned column will tell you if any activities in that pack have been assigned to students before.

If the column is blank, the activity has never been assigned. If the field populates with the icon of a student with a checkmark, the activity has been assigned before.

In the activity pack below, most activities have not yet been assigned, but the activity Subject-Verb Agreement - Mixed Topics 5 has been assigned to students before as indicated by the icon.

Hovering your mouse over the icon displays the name of the existing activity pack containing that activity, when it was assigned, to which classes it was assigned, and to how many students it was assigned.

If you do not wish to assign the duplicate activity to students, you can:

  • Click the 'X' to remove it from the pack OR

  • Proceed to the step, Choose classes or students, and uncheck the classes or students that have completed those activities before. Keep in mind that any unchecked students/classes will not receive the entire activity pack (not only the activities that have been assigned before)

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