How do I navigate the Assign Activities page?

This article will guide you through all of the actions that you can take on the Assign Activities page.

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Our Assign Activities page is designed to help you find the perfect writing activities for your students. Learn how to navigate the Assign Activities page below.

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How do I navigate the Assign Activities tab?

In the Assign Activities tab, you can find different pathways to assign activities to your classes. There are 4 cards that will narrow down the activities that you see.

Preview and assign a diagnostic

If you click on the Assess student writing with a diagnostic card, you'll see the list of diagnostics that Quill offers, including our General Starter, General Intermediate, General Advanced, ELL Starter, ELL Intermediate, and ELL Advanced Diagnostics, Furthermore, you'll see our Pre-AP Writing Surveys, AP Writing Surveys, and our SpringBoard Writing Skills Survey. Learn more about our diagnostics here.

We recommend starting with a Baseline Diagnostic (Pre) at a level that is appropriate for your students. You'll be able to preview and assign both a Baseline Diagnostic (Pre) and Growth Diagnostic (Post), but please note that a Growth Diagnostic (Post) is a diagnostic that is assigned only after a student has completed the corresponding Baseline Diagnostic (Pre). For this reason, they will be locked until you have assigned students the corresponding Baseline Diagnostic (Pre).

Explore activities in the activity library

If you want to create and assign an activity pack of activities that you have chosen, you can peruse Quill's entire activity library and create your own activity pack.

Within the activity library, you're able to see all of Quill's 800+ activities, and in our activity library, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to filter the activities that you see based on the type of activity, Grade Level Range, Readability Level, CCSS Grade Level, as well as ELL activities, Concepts, Topics, and our Content Partners (College Board, Core Knowledge, and Word Generation).

To filter the activities that you see, check the box next to any filter, and to assign any activities, check the boxes to the left of the activities' names and click the Assign button in the upper right corner.

Click here to learn more about how to assign a customized activity pack.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: You also have the option to save activities to be assigned later. Please click here to learn how to save activities that can be assigned later.

Find and assign a featured activity pack

You can browse featured activity packs that contain whole-class activities and/or independent-practice activities.

To do so, click on the Browse featured activity packs card.

Then, apply filters to see the featured activity packs that contain the activities that will be the most appropriate for your students.

Click here to learn more about how to assign a featured activity pack.

Browse SpringBoard, Pre-AP, and AP-aligned activities

Click on the View SpringBoard, Pre-AP, and AP activities card to see activities that are aligned with key SpringBoard, Pre-AP, and AP writing skills, as well as in-content activities based on Pre-AP texts.

To assign any of the activities that are aligned with key SpringBoard, Pre-AP, and AP writing skills, click the View button to the right of the activity's name.

Click on the Select pack button in the upper right corner of the subsequent page after reading through the activity's information.

And proceed through the steps of assigning an activity, as outlined in the next section.

Learn more about passage-aligned activities for SpringBoard and Pre-AP 1 and our SpringBoard/Pre-AP/AP Writing Skills Surveys.

How to assign an activity pack on the Review and assign page

After you've selected or created an activity pack, you will be taken to the Review and assign page, where you will be able to name the activity pack, schedule Publish dates or Due dates, check if any chosen activities have been previously assigned to students, and choose the classes/students to whom you would like to assign the activity pack before clicking the Assign pack to classes button.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I assign an activity pack or diagnostic to only some students in my class, but not the entire class?

    Absolutely! Learn more about differentiating the assignment of activity packs in this article.

  • How do I access assigned activities?

    The My Activities tab shows all assigned activity packs that have been assigned and allows you to modify them, change settings, add/remove students assigned, and more! Click here to learn more.

  • How do I delete an assigned activity/activity pack?

    Navigate to the My Activities tab to see the activities that you have assigned. On this page, you can delete entire activity packs or remove activities from an activity pack. Click here to learn more.

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