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How do I use the admin Data Export feature?
How do I use the admin Data Export feature?

The admin Data Export feature allows administrators to download a CSV containing a list of the activities that each student has completed.

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The admin Data Export feature is available to administrators with school/district Premium accounts.

The admin Data Export feature allows you to download a CSV containing a list of the activities that have been completed by each student at the schools for which you are an administrator. This can be useful if you need to generate custom reports or wish to analyze Quill’s data using external software.

To access the admin Data Export feature, you need an administrator account on Quill. This unlocks access to the Premium Hub. Click here to learn more about requesting access and navigating the Premium Hub.

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How to Access the Admin Data Export

The Data Export feature can be accessed through the Premium Hub, Quill's administrator dashboard. On the Premium Hub navigation menu, click on the Premium Reports dropdown and select Data Export.


Use the filters on the left-hand side of the Data Export page to narrow down the data.

  • Timeframe

    • The timeframes available are:

      • Last 30 days

      • Last 90 days

      • This month

      • Last month

      • This school year (default)

      • Last school year

      • All time

      • Custom

    • The default time frame is This school year, defined as July 1 through June 30. Currently, it is not possible to set your academic year. You can upvote this feature request here. We recommend selecting the Custom timeframe if you use a different academic year.

  • School

    • This filter displays all schools for which you are an administrator. If you'd prefer to view school-specific data, select only that specific school.

  • Grade

    • This filter displays all grades, regardless of whether there is a classroom with this grade at your school.

    • The No grade set option refers to classes without a grade.

  • Teacher

    • This filter displays all teachers at the schools for which you are an administrator.

  • Classroom

    • This filter displays all classrooms at the schools for which you are an administrator.

Tips 💡
The items available to select for the Teacher and Classroom filters are dynamic. For example, if you selected Grade 5 in the Grade filter, the Teacher filter will only show teachers with a Grade 5 classroom. As noted above, the Grade filter will display all grades regardless of your selections.

The School, Grade, Teacher, and Classroom filters allow you to select multiple items. For example, you might want to view data for just Grades 7 and 8.

After selecting all of the desired filters, you must click the Apply Filters button to narrow down the data displayed.


After applying filters, you can preview the data.

The preview displays the 10 most recently completed activities that match your filters. It is particularly useful when using narrow filters, as it allows you to confirm whether any activities match your criteria before proceeding with exporting the data

When you download the CSV, it will include all activities matching your filters.


You can further customize the report by de-selecting fields. All fields will be selected by default.

The following fields are available to be included in the data export:

  • Student Name

  • Student Email

    • Because it’s possible to create a student account without an email address, the Student Email field won’t always have a value.

  • Completed Date

    • The Completed Date field considers the time zone set on your My Account page. Please ensure that you have selected the correct time zone.

  • Activity

    • If a student replays an activity, it will be listed as its own discrete activity in the CSV.

  • Activity Pack

    • Teachers can create personalized activity packs (units) with selected activities.

  • Score

    • This field will display a score for independent practice tools only. The field will say Completed if the respective tool was either Quill Diagnostic, Quill Lessons, or Quill Reading for Evidence, as these tools do not provide scores (learn more)

  • Time Spent

    • If a student spends less than one minute completing an activity, the Time Spent column will display < 1.

  • Standard

  • Tool

    • Quill offers six learning tools that support the writing process (learn more)

  • School

  • Grade

  • Teacher

    • The Teacher field contains the current owner of the class, even if the activity was assigned by a co-teacher or a previous owner of the class.

  • Class

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