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How do I navigate the Premium Hub?
How do I navigate the Premium Hub?

A guide detailing all of the available features on the Premium Hub, our administrator dashboard.

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The Premium Hub is Quill's administrator dashboard. This page allows administrators to manage teacher accounts, set up integrations, and view school or district data reports.

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How do I request access to the Premium Hub?

If you are an administrator for your school or district, access this article with instructions on requesting access to the Premium Hub page. Once your request is approved, your Quill navigation menu will display the Premium Hub tab.

💎 School/District Premium administrators can access all features and reports on the Premium Hub.

If your school or district does not yet have a School or District Premium subscription, you will have limited access to the reports and account management features of the Premium Hub. You will see the banner below on parts of Premium Hub dashboard. Click here to learn more about Quill Premium.

Account Management

How do I create accounts for teachers and other administrators?

From the Premium Hub's Overview page, scroll down to the Account Management section and click on Manage Accounts. You can also access the Account Management page directly through the Premium Hub navigation menu.

On the Account Management page, you can access a list of every teacher and admin currently connected to the school. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the page to select a different school. To invite a new teacher or admin, click on the green Create and link accounts button on the top right of the page.

How does this work for new accounts?

If the teacher is new to Quill, an account linked to the selected school will be created on their behalf, and they will receive an email with the login details.

How does this work for existing accounts?

If the teacher has an existing Quill account, they will receive an email asking them to link their account to the selected school. They can also link to their school from the My Account page. Here's the guide.

Teachers can also sign up for their own accounts using their preferred SSO integration or with an email/password combination (learn more about teacher sign-up.)

How do I manage teacher accounts?

On the Account Management page, you can click on the ellipsis to the far right of each user to open a menu of actions for that user's account.

From this menu of actions, you can...

  • Resend login details: Resend login information to users who have not yet logged into their Quill accounts

  • (Premium) Login as teacher: Log into a user's Quill account to view their dashboard

  • (Premium) View premium reports: View the user's Quill Premium student reports

  • Make admin: Make a teacher an administrator of the school, which unlocks the Premium Hub for the teacher

  • Unlink from school: Unlinks the user from the school, which will not delete the user's account, but remove the user's connection to the school)

How do I approve a teacher's request to be an administrator?

On the Account Management page of your Premium Hub, you will see Teacher requested to become admin next to any teachers who requested admin access to the school's/district's data.

To approve this request, you can click the ellipsis in the Actions column to the right of this teacher's name and click the Approve admin request option.

How do I access a teacher's account on Quill?

Available with Premium School/District subscriptions

Logging in to teacher accounts helps you troubleshoot student account issues, view activities, and download specific student-level reports. You can log in to a teacher's account from the Premium Hub's Overview page. Scroll down to the Account Management section and click the Log in as a teacher button. Please note that any changes you make to the teacher's account will be saved. To return to your account, click the Administrator Dashboard link at the top of the Quill page.

View Subscription

How can I view my subscription details?

Available with Premium School/District subscriptions

Your subscription details are available through the Subscriptions page. This page displays your current subscription type, start and end dates, and subscription history.

How can I contact the Quill team?

Available with Premium School/District subscriptions

From the Premium Hub's Overview page, you have access to your designated Quill contact and a link to schedule check-in calls and live PD. You will also find helpful links to live training guides, Quill Academy access for self-paced PD, Teacher Center resources, and more.

Premium Reports

How do I view usage data?

Available with Premium School/District subscriptions

On your Premium Hub, click on the Premium Reports dropdown and access the Usage Snapshot Report. This powerful dashboard is designed to empower Quill administrators with comprehensive usage analytics across all the schools they manage within our platform. Click here to learn how to navigate the Usage Snapshot report.

How do I view school/district-wide data reports?

Available with Premium School/District subscriptions

The Premium Hub provides six downloadable data reports, which allow you to view and analyze student performance at a school-wide or district-wide level. The reports are available on the Overview page:

They can also be accessed through the Premium Reports dropdown:

Data Export feature

This feature allows you to download customized CSV files containing detailed data on students' Quill progress and scores, offering you insights into students' writing journey. It is ideal for generating tailor-made reports of Quill progress or conducting in-depth analyses using external software.

Diagnostics report (coming soon)

Get a detailed breakdown of Quill Diagnostics' impact on student growth. View data by skill, student, and more. This admin report is under development and will be available soon.

Concepts Report

The Concepts Report, which can be filtered by school, teacher, and classroom, breaks down a student's performance on Quill by writing concepts and displays the number of times a student has successfully used a writing concept across all questions they’ve encountered.

Activity Scores

The Activity Scores report, which can be filtered by school, teacher, and classroom to see data only associated with those criteria, displays each student’s number of completed activities, their average score on completed activities in Quill, their total time spent on Quill, and the date they were last active on Quill.

You can click the hyperlink of a student's name to see a report of their progress on Quill, broken down by both activity pack and activity.

Standards Report

The Standards Report displays all Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned to completed activities for all classrooms and students at your school or district.

In the report, you’ll see the number of students who are proficient in that CCSS, the unique number of activities aligned to that CCSS that have been practiced, and the total time students have spent practicing the CCSS.

Integrations and Rostering

How do I coordinate my school's/district's rostering and SSO integration?

To see instructions about coordinating your school's/district's rostering and SSO integration, please navigate to the Integrations page in the Premium Hub tab.

On the Integrations page, you will see three integration options: Canvas, Clever, and Google Classroom. Please click on any of these three integration options to learn more about coordinating your school's/district's rostering and SSO.

Please click here to learn more about available integrations.

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