You are able to save activities to assign to your classes at a later time from our Activity Library.

How to Save Activities

  1. Go to the "Assign Activities" tab on your header menu and click on "Explore all activities in our activity library."

2. This will bring you to our Activity Library:

3. Next, after browsing our activities, select an activity you'd like to save for later and hover your mouse over that activity. A bookmark graphic will appear on the right hand side of your screen, as shown below.

To save that activity, click on the bookmark icon. You'll then see that the section labeled "Saved" under "Activities" will be populated.

4. To later assign your saved activity or activities, go back to the Activity Library, go to the Saved section, check off the activities you'd like to assign, and press the Assign button in the top right corner.

After you've clicked Assign, you can then name the activity and select the students to whom you'd like to assign the activity.

*Note: You're also able to Unsave activities by unselecting the bookmark tab.

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