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How do I assign a Pre-AP® Writing Skills Survey?
How do I assign a Pre-AP® Writing Skills Survey?

Learn how to assign the Pre-AP® Writing Skills Survey.

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Navigate to the Assign Activities page.

Click the View SpringBoard, Pre-AP, and AP activities card.

Click the View Pre-AP Activities card.

From the Official Pre-AP English Practice page, click the View button for the Writing Skills Survey that you would like to assign. Available Pre-AP surveys include Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 1: Basic of Sentence Patterns and Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey 2: Tools for Sentence Expansion.

On the subsequent page, review the details of the Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey that you selected. If it meets the needs of your students, click the Select pack button in the upper right corner of the page.

After you've selected or created an activity pack, you will be taken to the Review and assign page, where you will be able to name the activity pack containing the Pre-AP Writing Skills Survey, schedule Publish dates or Due dates, check if any chosen activities have been previously assigned to students, and choose the classes/students to whom you would like to assign the activity pack before clicking the Assign pack to classes button.

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