Under the Classes tab, you can change your class' name and grade, archive(delete) a class, reorder your list of classes, add co-teachers, review students' login credentials, transfer and remove students, and much more!

See guides below:

  • Class settings: delete/archive a class

New school year? Created a class by mistake? Classes can be archived! Click here for detailed instructions on how to archive a class. Once it is archived, you will lose the student data and reports associated with the class. Also, Quill does not permanently delete your classes. Archived classes will always be listed under the Archived Classes tab.

  • Class settings: reorder classes

In your "Active Classes" tab, you can click and drag to reorder your class list by clicking the four lines to the left of each class.

  • Class settings: add a co-teacher

Click here for detailed instructions on inviting co-teachers. Co-teachers can manage your classes similarly to you. However, they cannot archive classes or activity packs – this must be done by the original teacher. Also, they also cannot access Premium reporting unless they have a Teacher Premium account.

  • Class settings: rename a class

You can rename any class on Quill by clicking on the class roster and selecting "Rename class". If the class is connected to Google Classroom or Clever and you have renamed it on Quill, you can see the name of the class on the source platform by hovering your mouse over the (?) copy. See below:

  • Student settings: invite students

There are a few different ways to add your classes and students - you may import them from Google Classroom or Clever, or manually add students. Access the guides below for step-by-step instructions to roster your classes:

Guide - add students using Google Classroom

Guide - add students using Clever

Guide - add students manually (students create their own usernames and passwords or Quill generates unique usernames and passwords)

  • Student settings: manage students' usernames and passwords

You can easily manage all your students from the "Classes" tab. If you manually added students (not through Google Classroom or Clever), students will sign in directly on the Quill page. Follow these instructions to print a list of all your students' usernames and passwords. You can reset students' passwords that are not connected to Clever or Google Classroom. If your student logs in to Quill with a username/password combination, you can reset their password by clicking on the ellipsis next to the student's name. This will reset their password to their last name, with a capitalized first letter.

  • Student settings: removing a student from your class

If you wish to simply remove a student from your class, click the ellipsis next to the student's name in your class list and select "Remove from class". This will erase any student data from your dashboard.

  • Student settings: moving a student to another class

Student account created manually (not Google Classroom/Clever):

If you manually created accounts for your students (they sign in with a Quill username and password), click the ellipsis next to a student's name and select "Move class". You will be prompted to choose the class this student should move to - this only works if you are moving students to another one of your classes. If this option is not available, this student could be a Google Classroom or Clever student.

Student accounts created through Google Classroom/Clever:

If the "Move class" option is not available for a student, this means they were rostered through Google Classroom or Clever. In this case, please follow the instructions listed in our Move students guide to ensure a successful transfer of the student and of their Quill data. Do not remove the student from your class.

Move student to a different teacher's class:

Please follow the instructions listed in our Move students guide to ensure a successful transfer of the student and of their Quill data. Do not remove the student from your class.

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