How can I preview activities?

Preview any Quill activity before assigning it.

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You can preview activities on Quill to view the prompts and feedback that students will see.

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Preview all activities through the activity library

1. Access the activity library by clicking on the My Activities tab and clicking the Explore activities in our activity library card.

2. Search for activities by typing a concept or theme in the Search for concepts, activities, and more field or by using the filters on the left side of the activity library.

Tip 💡: Click here to learn more about searching for activities on Quill's activity library.

3. To preview any activity, click the Preview hyperlink to the far right of any activity's name.

Preview assigned activities

1. To view all your assigned activities, navigate to the My Activities tab.

2. Clicking on the name of any assigned activity will launch a preview of the activity.

Tip 💡

To preview the activity in a separate browser tab, right-click the name of the activity and click the Open Link in New Tab option. This allows you to preview multiple activities while easily returning to the My Activities page.

How does preview mode work?

You are able to preview any of Quill's activities. When previewing an independent-practice activity, you will see a menu on the left side of the page that allows you to toggle between the prompts of an activity rather than having to sequentially progress through them. Students do not see this preview menu and have to complete each prompt before moving on to the next.

​When previewing a Quill Lesson, our whole-class interactive slides, you will see a blue banner indicating that you are previewing the teacher's view of the Quill Lesson at the top of the screen. To the far right of this banner, you will see an Open Student View hyperlink so that you can see what students will see when completing the Quill Lesson.

Tip 💡: While previewing an activity, any responses you submit will not be saved in your reports. Only activities completed by your students who are logged into their Quill accounts will be saved in the reports and accessible through the My Reports tab.

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