Quill's Preview feature for teachers allows you to view and play through a full preview of any Quill activity before or after assigning it. To access the preview version of an activity, you can either:

a) Click on the activity name from within your "My Activities" tab.

b) Click on the Preview button when browsing Quill's Activity Library (accessed by going to "Assign Activities" and clicking "Explore all activities from our activity library").

Our Preview mode is available for all of our activities—Quill Diagnostics, Quill Connect, Quill Proofreader, Quill Grammar, and Quill Lessons. When an independent practice activity is opened via preview, the activity will display the below menu on the left-hand side of the screen, allowing you to view the order of the activity prompts and to toggle between them as you'd like, rather than having to complete them sequentially.


Preview mode for Quill Lessons looks slightly different—the Preview menu will display at the very top of the screen, with an option to check out the Student View of the whole-class lesson as well.

*Note: Preview mode will not save your results to your dashboard—only activities completed by your students will display in your Student Reports tab.*

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Please feel free to live chat with us through the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at hello@quill.org.

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