Best Practice: We recommend first-time users begin by assigning one of Quill’s diagnostics to get a good overview of students’ writing skills. When students complete a diagnostic, Quill will create an individualized learning plan for each student, so it’s also an easy and fast way to assign activities to students. 

How to Assign a Diagnostic 

  1. Click on the "Assign Activities" tab. In the top left hand corner, select "Assess student writing with a diagnostic."

2. Select which Diagnostic you'd liked to assign your class. We have a variety of Diagnostics, as well as ELL Diagnostics and Pre-AP and AP writing surveys. You can also preview all of the assessments before assigning them.

3. Select the diagnostic that you would like to assign. Available diagnostics: the Starter, the Intermediate, the Advanced, the ELL Starter Diagnostic, the ELL Intermediate Diagnostic, and the ELL Advanced Diagnostic.

Learn more about the diagnostics here.

4. Next, you will have the option to re-name the diagnostic, to set a due date, and to choose the classes and/or students to assign it to.

5. Press Assign pack to classes in the top right corner and the diagnostic will appear in your students' dashboards! 

Viewing the diagnostic report 

  1. Once your students have completed a diagnostic, the next step is to view the results. Select the “Student Reports” tab at the top of your page. Then select the “Diagnostics” card

  2. Toggle between the "Student", "Questions", and "Recommendations" tabs to analyze the results.

  3. The first view is the “Student” view. It will give you an overview of how each student scored on the diagnostic. Select an individual student’s name to see his or her graded responses to the diagnostic questions.

4. Select the “Questions” tab to see an overview of which questions and topics were most challenging for your students.

5. Finally, select the “Recommendations” tab to view individualized learning plans for each student.

Assigning Diagnostic Recommendations

  1. Select “Student Reports.” Then select “Diagnostics.

  2. From the report page, select the “Recommendations” tab to view the activities Quill recommends based on the diagnostic results. 

  3. Select “Assign Activity Packs” to assign Quill’s recommended learning plan. You can also check and uncheck boxes to customize the plan yourself. Students will be assigned up to eight weeks of instruction. To learn more about assigning recommendations, click here.

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