We recommend first-time users begin by assigning one of Quill’s diagnostics to get an overview of students’ writing skills. After students complete a diagnostic, Quill will create an individualized learning plan for each student.

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How to Assign a Diagnostic  

1. Click on the Assign Activities tab on your teacher dashboard. Click the first card, Assess student writing with a diagnostic, to access the list of available baseline and growth diagnostics:

2. Click Preview to preview the diagnostic. Click Select for the diagnostic that you would like to assign. If this is your first time assigning a diagnostic, select a Baseline Diagnostic (Pre).

💡 Learn more about the content of each diagnostic here.

💡 Learn more about the difference between Baseline and Growth Diagnostics here.

Growth Diagnostics (Post) are locked until you have assigned students a Baseline Diagnostic (Pre):

3. After selecting a diagnostic, you will see the Review and assign page. The 3 steps in this page allow you to:

1. Name the activity pack:

2. Set a Publish date for the activity (right away or schedule to show at a later time), set an n optional Due date (for students' and your reference, only) and see if that diagnostic has been assigned to students in the past:

3. Select which classes should receive this diagnostic. If you'd like to assign the diagnostic only to specific students in the class, check the box next to the class name, click the All students dropdown, and uncheck the boxes next to the names of any students who do not need to be assigned this diagnostic:

4. Press Assign pack to classes in the top right corner of the screen to assign the diagnostic:

5. Students should log into their Quill accounts to begin the diagnostic. Learn more about students' accounts and login information here.

How to Assign a Diagnostic (Video Tutorial)

How to Add More Students to an Existing Diagnostic

To assign an existing diagnostic to more students, go to the My Activities tab and find the diagnostic activity pack (Tip: Use the search shortcut ctrl+f or cmd+f to search by activity pack name.)

After finding the existing diagnostic, click the Add/remove students assigned button:

Select the classes or students to whom you would like to assign the diagnostic. Names that are unchecked in the list indicate that the class/student has not yet been assigned that diagnostic. Click the Select by student dropdown arrow on the right side of a card to open the full list of students in a class. Once you have checked the names of the students and classes to whom you would like to assign the diagnostic, click the Update students button.

**Please note that unchecking the box next to a student's name will unassign the diagnostic from that student remove that student's data for the diagnostic, so keep the box next to a student's name checked if you would like to keep their data for that diagnostic. The student will not be reassigned the diagnostic. Learn more about this here.**

How to Access Diagnostic Results and Recommendations

To access diagnostic results and recommended practice, click on the My Student Reports tab at the top of your teacher dashboard. Then, select the Diagnostics report tab or click on the Diagnostics card:

Find the diagnostic for which you would like to see data from the list of diagnostics and click the respective View results and recommendations button:

Diagnostic reports contain multiple reports of classwide and individual student data, and you will see the menu of these reports on the left side of the screen:

Class summary report - view average diagnostic results for your class

Student results report - view individual diagnostic results (with views of skill group grading and individual skills grading)
Practice recommendations - view and assign the activities Quill recommends based on the diagnostic results
Student responses - view the number and percentage of skills students answered correctly on the diagnostic and analyze students' responses
Questions analysis - view class-wide trends for each prompt in the diagnostic.

Practice Recommendations - Assigning Diagnostic Recommendations

  1. Select the My Student Reports tab. Then, select Diagnostics. Click View Results and Recommendations.

  2. Select the Practice recommendations page to view the activities Quill recommends based on the diagnostic results. 

  3. Click here for step-by-step instructions to assign recommended practice.

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