After your students have completed the diagnostic/skill survey that you assigned, you can then assign the resulting recommended activities from your Practice recommendations report (To learn more about that process, click here.). When assigning those recommended activities, you can preview any recommended activity pack, its activities, and the content in each activity to get a sense of what students will be doing when completing these activities.

To preview a recommended pack before assigning it, click the (?) icon next to the skill group name.

Clicking this icon will bring you to an overview page of the activity pack, where you can read a summary of the pack and see its content and estimated duration. You can then click the Preview hyperlink to the far right of any activity's name to preview that individual activity within the activity pack.

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Finally, you can either return to the Practice recommendations report to assign that activity pack, or, if you'd like to modify the pack, you can click the Select Pack button in the upper right corner of the overview page for the activity pack to remove any activities you'd like before assigning it to your students.

On the Review and assign page, you can click the X icon to the far right of any activity's name to remove that activity from the activity pack.

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