Two tables, one table showing specific activity packs recommended to students for independent practice and another table showing recommended activity packs for whole class instruction

Practice recommendations

Based on the results of the diagnostic, we'll create a personalized learning plan for each student.

Activities that have the asterisk are recommended practices the student should complete based on their diagnostic results. You can choose to assign all the recommended practices at once, or you can choose to stagger the recommended practice.

The activities recommended from the baseline diagnostics are different than the practice recommended from the growth diagnostics. That way, students can practice the skills again without seeing the same activities twice.

For a detailed explanation of how to assign practice recommendations, read these diagnostic recommendation tips and tricks.

Independent practice

Activities students can do on their own without a teacher's assistance.

Whole class instruction

Practices that are teacher-led and include a full lesson plan, suggested slides, real-time paired practice, and whole-class discussion.

Tiny Tip: Use the diagnostic practice recommendations to incorporate mastery-based learning or concept level grading in your classroom. Encourage students to go for green!

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