After you have assigned a diagnostic assessment to your students, Quill will generate a recommended learning plan for each student based on their current skill set. Below, you will find some tips and tricks for assigning the diagnostic recommendations to your students and how you can best leverage this follow-up practice.

For information on accessing your recommendations report, check out this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Modify the pacing of Quill's diagnostic recommendations

  2. Preview a diagnostic/survey’s recommended packs

  3. Assigning recommendations to students

  4. Adjust the Number of Activities per Recommended Pack

  5. Unassign Recommendations

How can I modify the pacing of Quill's diagnostic recommendations?

When you are ready to assign the follow-up recommendations to your students, you can either assign all of the recommendations at once or you can modify the pacing of the recommendations.

To modify the pacing of the recommendations, and/or assign them in a customized order:

  • Click the "Deselect All" option to remove the check marks from all highlighted activity pack boxes

  • Click the activity packs you'd like to assign to students

  • Click the green "Assign Activity Packs" button

Once assigned, the packs will be marked with a green check and the word "Assigned" to indicate students have access to these activities. All recommendations – whether you assign them initially or not – will keep the asterisks (*) to indicate which packs were recommended for follow-up practice. You can come back and assign more activity packs at a later date.

To learn more about how to modify your Recommendations, check out our Teacher Center article on the subject.

How can I preview a diagnostic/survey’s recommended packs?

When assigning recommendations to your students, you can preview any recommended pack to see which activities your students will be completing.

To preview a recommended pack before assigning it, click the question mark (?) next to the name of the skill group.

That "View Pack" button will bring you to an overview page of the activity pack, where you can read a summary of the pack and its content, as well as its estimated length. You can then use the "Preview" feature from that page to click through any individual activity within that pack.

Finally, you can either return to the Recommendations Report to assign that pack, or, if you'd like to modify the pack, you can click the "Select Pack" button in the top right corner of the screen to remove any activities you'd like before assigning it to your students.

How many recommended packs should I assign to my students?

In general, we've found that students make progress when they are completing 2-4 activities on Quill per week. Each activity takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Since each recommended pack contains (on average) between 4 and 7 activities, teachers can generally expect a recommended pack to be completed in 1-2 weeks. Of course, students may need more or less time depending on the number of activities in the pack, their level of difficulty, and students' level of proficiency.

For related reading, this article explains in further detail how you can assign and modify the recommended packs to help students pace themselves.

Adjust the Number of Activities per Recommended Pack

Each recommended activity pack is aligned to the skill group assessed in the diagnostic. The number of activities in each recommendation, though, differs per pack (some packs have as low as two activities while others have more than ten). You can remove activities from a pack after you have assigned it to students.

To remove activities from an assigned pack:

  • Click the "My Activities" tab

  • Scroll to the activity pack you would like to adjust

  • Click the "x" next to any specific activity to remove it from the pack

Once it is removed from your dashboard, it will also be removed from the students' dashboards.

Unassign Recommendations

If you need to unassign a recommendations pack – such as if you assigned all the recommendations at once and need to scale back, you decide to assign students their recommendations in a different order, or if you are wanting to supplement the recommendations with other concepts – you can do so through your "My Activities" tab.

Unassigning recommendations will not remove the recommendation asterisks from your diagnostic reports. You will be able to reassign these recommendations at a later date.

To unassign recommendations:

  • Click the "My Activities" tab

  • Scroll to find the activity you would like to unassign

  • Click the "Delete activity pack" link to unassign the activity from all students in all classes OR

  • Click "Add/remove students assigned" to unassign the activity from specific students or specific classes

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