Before we dive into how students can replay activities, let's first discuss how Quill grades activities. As students complete activities, they are graded based on a proficiency rating. Students are able to replay activities to improve their proficiency in the skills that they practice during these activities.

  • Green means proficient

  • Yellow means nearly proficient

  • Red means not yet proficient

Please note that when students complete Quill Diagnostics, Quill Reading for Evidence, or Quill Lessons, the squares associated with these activities will show as a blue "Completed" square as these activities are not graded.

If you are encouraging your students to Go for Green – or reach "Proficient" on each activity -- students can replay the activity directly from their student dashboard. From their student dashboard for their class, students will click on the "Completed Activities" tab.

Then, students will find the activity that they would like to re-attempt. To replay the activity, students will click the "Replay" button.

If a student replays an activity, their highest score will appear on each of the different reports that Quill generates. Students can replay activities as many times as they would like to, but you can set due dates to let students know when you will no longer accept scores for those respective activities.

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