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How can students replay activities?
How can students replay activities?

Students are able to replay activities to improve their proficiency in the skills that they practice during these activities.

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What are the different proficiency ranges on Quill?

When students complete scored independent-practice activities, which include Quill Grammar, Quill Connect, and Quill Proofreader activities, they are scored within a range of different proficiencies:

  • Green means the student frequently demonstrated the skill being practiced in the activity while responding to the prompts. The student scored 83%-100% in the activity.

  • Yellow means the student often demonstrated the skill being practiced while responding to the prompts. The student scored 32%-82% in the activity.

  • Red means the student rarely demonstrated the skill being practiced while responding to the prompts. The student scored 0%-31% in the activity.

  • Blue indicates that an activity has been completed, but is not scored. Please note that Quill Diagnostic, Quill Reading for Evidence, and Quill Lesson activities are not scored and will not display students' proficiencies or scores in your reports.

Tip 💡: Click here to learn more about how each type of Quill activity is scored.

How do students replay activities?

If you are encouraging your students to go for green or display the proficiency of Frequently demonstrated skill for an activity, students are able to replay any independent-practice activity on their student dashboard.

To replay an activity, students will first click on the Completed Activities tab in their Quill accounts.

Then, students will find the activity that they would like to replay. The replay button will be automatically available next to any completed independent-practice activity.

When a student replays an activity, their highest score will automatically appear on each of the different reports that Quill generates. Scores update automatically as soon as a student re-submits an activity.

Students can replay activities as many times as they wish, but you can set due dates to let students know when you will no longer accept scores for these respective activities.

How do teachers see a student's replays of an activity?

To see if a student has replayed an activity and their attempts for that respective activity, navigate to the Activity Summary report in the My Reports tab in your Quill account.

If a student has replayed the activity, the activity square that corresponds with the activity will have a blue circle with the number of attempts in the top right corner.

If you hover your mouse over an activity square in the Activity Summary report, you can see a student's scores for each of their attempts on the corresponding activity.

Tip 💡: All reports will reflect the student data from a student's highest-scoring replay. The Activity Summary is the only report that will show all of the scores from a student's replays of an activity.

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