As of January 2017, Quill provides four tools to help students improve their writing, grammar, and proofreading skills. Each tool provides a different level of feedback for students.

Quill Proofreader: One Attempt

In Quill Proofreader, students proofread a passage to find and correct the errors. Students are given one attempt to find the errors, and if they do not find them, they see the error highlighted in red.

Quill Grammar: Five Attempts

Students are able to attempt each Quill Grammar question five times. Students receive credit based on the number of attempts:

  • 1st Attempt: 1 Point

  • 2nd Attempt: 3/4's of a Point

  • 3rd Attempt: 1/2 of a Point

  • 4th Attempt: 1/4 of a Point

  • 5th Attempt: No Points

Quill Connect: Five Attempts

In Quill Connect, Quill's sentence combining tool, students are provided with up to five opportunities to revise their work. Students receive instant feedback after each attempt.

If a student receives writes a strong answer on the first attempt, the student receives full credit. If the student writes a strong sentence after receiving feedback, the student receives partial credit. Quill Connect exercises are graded on the following logic:

  •  1st Attempt: 1 Point

  •  2nd Attempt: 3/4's of a Point

  •  3rd Attempt: 1/2 of a Point

  •  4th Attempt: 1/4 of a Point

  •  5th Attempt: 0 Points

Quill Diagnostic: One Attempt

Students are not provided with any feedback on the diagnostic. Since we are using it to gauge the student's skills, we show some questions that are intentionally difficult to assess their needs. Students do not see their scores at the end, and every student earns a 100% score for a Quill Diagnostic exercise on the dashboard.

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