Quill Diagnostics and Writing Skills Surveys are baseline assessments designed to determine which skills students need to focus on most. The diagnostics cover vital sentence construction skills and generate personalized learning plans based on student performance. To access your students' Diagnostic scores, go to

  1. "Student Reports"

  2.  "Diagnostics."

If you have multiple classes that are assigned the same Diagnostic, click the toggle button to see all the classes that are assigned that Diagnostic. Click "View" to see the reports from the selected class.


The first report you will see is the Recommendations.

Activities that are shaded blue are recommended activities the student should complete based on their Diagnostic results. You do not need to assign all recommended activities to students at once, you can stagger the assignments. If there is a check mark inside a green circle, that means the activity has already been assigned to the student.

Tiny Tip: Use the Diagnostic Recommendations to incorporate mastery-based learning or concept level grading in your classroom. Encourage students to go for green!

Student Reports

To see a student's Diagnostic report, click the "Student reports" link underneath the name of the Diagnostic. Note: this is the only place where you can see the student's percent score on the Diagnostic. On all other reports and on the student's Quill account, the Diagnostic will be shown as "Complete".

Click on a student's name to see their individual report.

Tiny Tip: Use the Student Reports feature to conference with students about their performance and to show growth at the end of the year.

Questions Report

To view a breakdown of overall class performance per question, select the "Questions reports" link underneath the name of the Diagnostic.

You can sort the information by score, question number, instructions, and prompt by clicking on the respective headings on the table.

Tiny Tip: You can use these reports to identify whole-class strengths and areas for growth. For low scoring questions, consider using them as a Do Now activity or a mini lesson.

To learn how to assign Diagnostic recommendations, click here. 

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