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How can I view Quill's activities sorted by CCSS grade level?
How can I view Quill's activities sorted by CCSS grade level?

A list of linked views showing Quill's activities sorted by Common Core State Standard.

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One of Quill's activity filters in our activity library is the CCSS Grade Level filter, which sorts activities by Common Core State Standard level and other classifications, such as Benchmark Assessments.

Each Quill activity is aligned to a Common Core State Standard and the associated grade level. Use the CCSS Grade Level filter to see activities that are aligned to a standard within the selected grade level. For example, move the points on the CCSS Grade Level filter to 6 and 7 to see all activities aligned to a 6th-grade of 7th-grade CCSS.

Since Common Core State Standards often overlap and span multiple grades, we recommend exploring a wide range of grade levels so you don't miss out on activities that may still be right for your students!

Below is a list of links to filtered lists of Quill's current activities at for each grade's Common Core State Standards. These direct links will take you to the activity library, where you can preview, save, and assign activities, as needed.

Common Core Standard Level:

To learn more about filtering options in Quill's activity library, click here. To learn more about the difference between our grade level filters, click here. For a general overview of the activity library, click here.

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