Our diagnostics generate personalized learning plans for each student based on their performance.

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Where to Find Diagnostic Recommendations

  1. Select the "Student Reports" tab on your teacher dashboard

  2. Select the "Diagnostics" sub-tab

  3. Find the class and diagnostics for which you would like to access results and recommendations and click "View results and recommendations"

The student reports page showing Student reports, diagnostics, and View results highlighted

You have access to various data reports from the Diagnostics report page. To assign recommended practice activities, click the "Practice recommendations" tab on the left side of the screen. This report contains a grid with students' names and checkmarks.

How to Read the Practice Recommendations Grid

The independent practice table automatically checks activity packs based on students' results. The checked boxes indicate that the student has shown partial proficiency or no proficiency in that skill, therefore, the student is recommended to work on the pack of activities that aligns with that skill set. Recommended activity packs are automatically checked when you access the recommendations report:

In the grid on this page, each cell with a checkbox represents an activity pack.

  • A white cell with an empty checkbox indicates that the corresponding student is proficient in the corresponding skill set and is not recommended to be assigned the activity pack:

  • A green highlighted cell with the Quill symbol and a checked checkbox indicates that the corresponding activity pack is recommended to be assigned to the corresponding student based on their diagnostic results:

If you would like to preview the activities in any activity pack, click on the question mark symbols to the right of the activity pack names. The "preview" page will open on a separate browser tab, where you can preview each individual activity. You can also type responses to prompts as a student and experience firsthand the targeted feedback students will receive.

How to Assign Diagnostic Practice Recommendations

When ready to assign recommendations, click the green "Assign activity packs" button located at the top of the grid.

The button will push out all checked (recommended) activities to students' dashboards.

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How to Stagger the Release of Recommended Activity Packs

When you click the "Assign activity packs" button, a box prompting you to select a release method will pop up.

The leftmost option, Staggered Release, assigns every recommended (checked) activity pack to students; however, students are only able to complete one pack at a time. They must fully complete one pack before unlocking the next. As soon as students complete an entire pack, the next one automatically unlocks.

The rightmost option, Immediate Release, assigns every recommended (checked) activity pack to students, and students can immediately access every activity pack assigned. Activity packs will not be locked, and students can work on any recommended concept.

The Staggered Release option supports students with completing independent-practice packs aligned to a single concept at a time, without having the opportunity to skip around whereas the Immediate Release option supports students with self-pacing and self-management, which can be a powerful college-readiness experience for older students.

Click here to learn more about staggered vs. immediate release.

How to keep track of recommended activities' progress and results

After recommended activities are assigned to students, the Practice Recommendations grid will update its cells to show the number of activities completed by the student:

These numbers will update in real-time when students submit recommended activities:

If you chose staggered release as your pacing method, as soon as students complete all activities in a pack, the next activity pack will be unlocked in the student's dashboard.

Student Reports

The Practice Recommendations page is a quick way to keep track of recommended activity progress.

To access a more detailed report, including students' individual activity proficiency, responses to prompts and feedback, date of completion, percentage scores, concept mastery, time spent on each activity, and much more, we recommend accessing the Activity Summary report. Click on the 'activity pack' dropdown filter to select specific recommended packs and narrow down results.

Another option is the Activity Scores (premium) report, which shows an overview of recommended pack completion, average scores, proficiency ranges, submission dates, and more, all in a downloadable PDF format:

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