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How do I assign diagnostic recommended activities?
How do I assign diagnostic recommended activities?

Once your students complete a Quill Diagnostic, Quill recommends practice activities based on each student's Quill Diagnostic performance.

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Quill Diagnostics generate personalized learning plans of recommended activities for each student based on their Diagnostic performance.

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Where do I find practice recommendation activities?

Navigate to the My Reports tab and click the Diagnostics sub-tab.

On the Diagnostics page, you will see each Quill Diagnostic that has been assigned to your classes. Use the dropdown menu in the upper left corner to select a class and only see the Quill Diagnostics assigned to that class.

To view the reports for a specific Quill Diagnostic and specific class, click the View results and recommendations button for that Quill Diagnostic.

Click the Practice recommendations tab in the menu on the left side of the subsequent page.

How do I read the Practice recommendations report?

Based on a student's Quill Diagnostic performance, Quill will create a personalized learning plan of practice recommendation activity packs for each student, and these activity packs can be assigned in the Practice recommendations report.

Each cell within the Practice recommendations report can have one of three appearances.

  • A white cell with an empty checkbox indicates that the corresponding student is Proficient in the corresponding skill and is not recommended to be assigned the corresponding activity pack. Please note that an activity pack that is not recommended to be assigned to a student can still be assigned to that student.

  • A green highlighted cell with a Quill icon indicates that the corresponding activity pack is recommended to be assigned to the corresponding student based on their diagnostic results.

  • A cell with a Quill icon and an Activities Completed number indicates that the activity pack has been assigned to the student.

    • If the cell has a Quill icon, the corresponding activity pack was recommended to be assigned to the corresponding student.

    • If the cell does not have a Quill icon, the corresponding activity pack was not recommended to be assigned to the student, but could still have been assigned if you had decided to do so.

How do I preview practice recommendation activities?

To preview an activity pack before assigning it, click the question mark (?) icon next to the name of the skill that the activity pack addresses.

Clicking this question mark icon will bring you to a page, where you can read a summary of the activity pack's content and the estimated time that it will take to complete. You can click the Preview hyperlink to the right of any activity in the activity pack to preview the activity and click through the prompts of that respective activity.

How do I assign practice recommendation activities?

When ready to assign practice recommendation activities, click the green Assign activity packs button located at the top right of the Practice recommendations report.

When you click the Assign activity packs button in the upper right corner of the Practice recommendations report, a menu prompting you to select a Release Method will appear. To learn more about choosing a Release Method, please see the next section.

How do I stagger the release of practice recommendation activity packs?

The leftmost option, Staggered Release, assigns every recommended (checked) activity pack to students; however, students are only able to complete one activity pack at a time, and they must fully complete the open activity pack before unlocking the next one.

The rightmost option, Immediate Release, assigns every recommended (checked) activity pack to students, and students can immediately access every assigned activity pack. Activity packs will not be locked, and students can work on any assigned activity pack.

Tip ๐Ÿ’ก: Click here to learn more about staggered vs. immediate release.

How do I keep track of students' progress through practice recommendation activities?

Keep track of activity completion in the Practice recommendations report

After practice recommendation activities are assigned to students, the Practice recommendations report will update its cells to show the number of activities in an activity pack that a student has completed.

These numbers will automatically update as students complete diagnostic recommended activities.

If you chose Staggered Release as your Release Method, students will only be able to complete activities in one activity pack at a time, and as soon as students complete all the activities in the open pack, the next activity pack will be unlocked for the student to complete.

Keep track of activity completion in the Activity Summary report

To see a more detailed report of the practice recommendation activities that students have completed, we recommend using the Activity Summary report. This report includes...

  • A student's proficiency score for an activity

  • A student's percentage score for activity

  • The date when a student completed an activity

  • The time spent on an activity

In the Activity Summary report, use the activity pack filter to filter by a specific diagnostic practice recommendation activity pack and to see student data for only that specific activity pack.

Keep track of activity completion and scores in the Activity Scores report

In addition, the Activity Scores report (a Quill Premium report) shows an overview of students' progress through the activity packs that they have been assigned. The Activity Scores report can be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file for record-keeping and for use in conferences.

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