Assigning Quill Lessons Activities

There are three ways in which you can assign Quill Lessons to your students. Here are the steps:

Use Diagnostic Recommendations to Assign Lessons

If you have already assigned one of Quill's diagnostics and your students have completed it, you will be able to assign recommended Quill Lessons activities to your classroom.  

      1. Click on "View Recommended Activities".

     2. Click on "View Teacher-Led Activities"

     3. Click on Assign Pack.

Explore All Activities to Assign Lessons

  1. Click on "Assign Activities" tab. 
  2. On this page, click on "Explore activities."

  3. On the Explore Activities pack page, select "Choose activities from our library." Then select "Create your own activity pack."


4. From there, you can select Quill Lessons by clicking on the apple icon.

Use Featured Activity Packs to Assign Lesson Pack 

  1. Click on "Browse packs with whole-class and independent practice" from the Assign Activities sub-nav.

2. Select and click on the Lesson Pack of your choice

  3. You will see an overview of the different concepts that the pack will teach. Click "Select pack" to continue.

4. On the next page, you can select a Lessons Pack to assign to all your students, or customize which students are assigned the lesson.

Launching Quill Lessons Activities

Recommendation: We recommend previewing the lesson before launching it with you students, so you can explore the teacher notes, practice the teacher model, and become accustomed to the interface.

  1. In order to launch a Quill Lessons activity, go to your dashboard and click on "launch lesson."
  2. If you would like to customize your lesson, choose "Customize" and then "Make Copy". 

3. Before customizing your lesson, enter in a name.

4. Enter in the changes you would like to make to your lesson. When you are done, click "Publish Edition."

5. On the lessons page, you will have access to all the Lessons activities that you have assigned, and you can choose to Preview or Launch lessons.

Note: You are also able to launch Quill Lessons activities from the Lessons card on your dashboard. For reference, see the image below: 

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