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How do I assign a featured (pre-made) activity pack?
How do I assign a featured (pre-made) activity pack?

Browse our featured packs to view concept-focused practice, themed packs with interactive whole-class lessons, or evidence-based writing!

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Each of our featured (pre-made) activity packs contains 3-10 activities focused on a specific topic, such as comma usage, verb tense, or correcting run-ons. To learn more about how to find and assign these featured (pre-made) activity packs, read below.

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Finding and assigning featured (pre-made) activity packs

1. Click the Assign Activities tab and click the Browse featured activity packs card.

2. Choose to filter by activity packs that contain independent practice or activity packs that contain teacher-led Quill Lessons.

3. Browse all available activity packs using the filters at the top of the page to narrow down your search. Each card shows you an overview of the corresponding activity pack, including the topic or concept covered, the Quill learning tool and the number of activities included, the estimated time to complete the activity pack, and the readability range.

4. Click on the activity pack you'd like to assign to see a list of activities included. We recommend previewing activities to ensure they meet your students' needs. The Previously assigned column displays an icon if the activity has been previously assigned to students in any of your classes.

Below the list of activities, you can view more information about the activity pack, including estimated time of completion, Common Core State Standards covered, Grade Level Range, and Readability Level for this activity pack.

Click the Select Pack button in the top right corner of your screen to assign this activity pack.

5. On the Review and assign page, you can edit the name of the activity pack, set a publish date and add an optional due date for each activity, see if any of the activities have been previously assigned to your students, and select the individual students and/or classes to whom the activity pack should be assigned.

Finally, click the Assign pack to classes button in the top right of the page to assign the activity pack. When this button is clicked, your students are able to see and complete the activities in their student dashboards, and all they need to do is log into Quill to access the assigned activity pack!

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