The Admin Dashboard is available to administrators to manage teacher accounts and view school-wide or district-wide student data.

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How do I get access to the Admin Dashboard?

Please see this article with instructions about how to get access to the Admin Dashboard.

What do I get access to with the Admin Dashboard?

After, you have signed up as an administrator on Quill, and the Quill Team has approved your request to be an administrator for your school, if your school or district already has a School Premium or District Premium subscription, you will have access to all of the features of the Admin Dashboard, including account management and school-wide or district-wide Admin premium reports.

If your school or district does not yet have a School Premium or District Premium subscription, you will have access to the account management features of the Admin Dashboard. However, you will not yet have access to the school-wide or district-wide Admin premium reports and will see a banner that reads Unlock with Quill Premium at the top of your Admin Dashboard. In order to see school-wide or district-wide Admin Premium reports, your school or district will need to purchase a School Premium or District Premium subscription.

How do I create accounts for teachers and other administrators?

In the Create and Link Accounts section of the Overview page in the Admin Dashboard, you have the ability to create Quill accounts for teachers and other administrators at your school by entering their names and email addresses and selecting the school to which you would like to add the teacher or administrator by using the dropdown menu of schools. Once you have added their information and clicked the Submit button, teachers and other administrators will then receive an email from Quill with the next steps for password creation.

How do I view teacher usage of Quill?

For each teacher and administrator, you can see the number of active students who are associated with them, the total number of activities that their students have completed, and the total time that their students have spent on their activities for the current school year. Please note that this data is updated daily on Quill.

You can click on the ellipsis to the far right of each user to open a menu of actions for that user's account. From this menu of actions, you can...

  • Resend login details: Resend login information to users who have not yet logged into their Quill accounts

  • Login as teacher: Log into a user's Quill account to view their dashboard

**Please Note: When logged in as a teacher, any changes you make in the account will be visible to the teacher and students.**

  • View premium reports: View the user's Quill Premium student reports

  • Make admin: Make a teacher an administrator of the school, which unlocks the Admin Dashboard for the teacher

  • Unlink from school: Unlinks the user from the school, which will not delete the user's account, but remove the user's connection to the school)

**Please Note: For administrators of schools and districts who do not have a School Premium or District Premium subscription, the Login as teacher and View premium reports options will not appear.**

How do I approve a teacher's request to be an administrator?

Any teacher at your school can request to be an administrator of your school. If they do, you can approve their request by navigating to the Account Management section of your Admin Dashboard.

In the Role column of the Account Management table for this teacher, you will see Teacher requested to become admin.

To approve this request, you can click the ellipsis in the Actions column to the far right of this teacher's name and click the Approve admin request option.

How do I view my school or district's subscription? (Quill Premium)

The School Subscriptions page provides details about your school or district’s Quill Premium subscription. You’ll see the expiration date of your current subscription, payment information, and your subscription history.

How do I view my school or district's Quill Premium reports? (Quill Premium)

For administrators whose school or district has a School Premium and District Premium subscription, the Admin Dashboard also provides three downloadable data reports, which allow you to view and analyze student performance at a school-wide or district-wide level. 

Activity Scores

The Activity Scores report, which can be filtered by school, teacher, and classroom to see data only associated with those criteria, displays each student’s number of completed activities, their average score on completed activities in Quill, their total time spent on Quill, and the date they were last active on Quill.

You can click the hyperlink of a student's name to see a report of their progress on Quill, broken down by both activity pack and activity.

Concept Reports

The Concept Reports, which can be filtered by school, teacher, and classroom, breaks down a student's performance on Quill by writing concepts and displays the number of times a student has successfully used a writing concept across all questions they’ve encountered.

Standards Reports

The Standards Reports displays all Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned to completed activities for all classrooms and students at your school or district.

In the report, you’ll see the number of students who are proficient in that CCSS, the unique number of activities aligned to that CCSS that have been practiced, and the total time students have spent practicing the CCSS.

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