The School Dashboard is available to administrators with School Premium. It can be found under the "School Dashboard" tab in the main menu.

Use the information at the top of the dashboard to schedule a PD session or reach out for support. Click the purple bar to schedule a time, or call our Partnerships Director. 

Use the "Teacher Account Access" to view reports, enter teacher accounts, and see how many questions students have completed on Quill. Click "Teacher Access" to access and account, and "Premium Reports" to view the Concept, Standards, and Activity Scores reporting for each teacher.
Note: Changes you make in the teacher account will be visible to the teacher and students. 

Create new accounts and add teachers at the bottom of the page. Teachers without a Quill account can be added to your school by entering their information. Teachers will Quill accounts will receive an instructive email after you enter their information. If you have a CSV file, click the "Upload via CSV" button to email the CSV to our Partnerships Director and add teachers to Quill. 

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