Our assignment flow is designed to help you find the perfect writing activities for your students.

To assign a new activity to your students, click on the Assign Activities tab.

From the Assign Activities tab, you can choose what you'd like to assign your students. Diagnostics tend to be most helpful with new groups of students, especially when teachers need to assess which skills students need to practice. Activities, on the other hand, tend to be most helpful when teachers already know which skills students need to practice.

If you choose to assess student writing with a diagnostic, you will be able to choose between the Starter, Intermediate, Advanced, ELL Diagnostic 1: Entering and Emerging, and ELL Diagnostic 2: Developing and Expanding, as well as our Pre-AP and AP Writing Surveys, and our SpringBoard Writing Skills survey.

If you want to assign Activities, you can either browse our Pre-made Activity Packs or peruse our entire Activity Library.

If you choose to peruse our Activity Library, you can view a full list of our activities and create your own Custom Activity Packs.

From the Activity Library, you can filter based on Activity Type, Grade Level, CCSS Level, Grammar Concept, Activity Topic, and our Content Partners (College Board or Core Knowledge). Once you've selected the activities you'd like to assign by checking the box on the right hand side, click "select activities."

If you choose to assign a Featured Activity Pack, you have the option of browsing activity packs with whole-class lessons and independent practice, or just browsing activity packs for independent practice.

After you've selected an Activity Pack (whether it was featured or custom-made), you will be able to name your activity pack, choose a due date for your activities, and choose which classes and/or students you'd like to assign it to.

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