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How do I use the demo account when I sign up for Quill?
How do I use the demo account when I sign up for Quill?

Learn how to use the demo account.

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Whether you are new to Quill or want to explore some additional features, you can take advantage of our demo account for teachers. The demo account is pre-populated with demo students and demo student data so that you can view Quill's data reports, test out different features, and get a better understanding of how Quill works. Any changes you make on the demo account are not saved and do not affect your own account, so have fun and poke around while you’re exploring the demo account!

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Access the demo account

To access the demo account, log into your Quill account, navigate to the Overview page in the Home tab, scroll to the Handy actions section, and click Explore a demo teacher account.

Then, click the Let’s go! button to enter the demo account.

When you are in the demo account, you will see a You're in a demo account to explore sample student data. Changes will not be saved. banner at the top of the page.

When you are finished viewing the demo account, click the gold Exit demo account button at the top of the page to return to your own account.

Tips and tricks when using the demo account

Create a class

Create an extra class on the My Classes page of the demo account and practice adding students to this class, removing students from this class, and moving students between both this new class and the existing class in the demo account. This is a great way to practice managing a class before you do the same in your own account.

Create and assign an activity pack from Quill's activity library

Navigate to the Assign Activities page and click the Explore all activities in our activity library card. Practice using the filters in the menu on the left side of the page to filter the activities that you see, preview activities, and select a few activities to create and assign an activity pack.

Assign practice recommendation activities

Practice assigning practice recommendation activities. After students complete a Quill Diagnostic, Quill will create a plan of practice recommendation activities for each student based on their performance on the Quill Diagnostic. To assign practice recommendation activities, navigate to the Diagnostics reports in the My Reports tab.

Then, click on the View results and recommendations button for the Quill Diagnostic whose practice recommendation activities you would like to assign.

Click the Practice recommendations tab in the menu on the left side of the subsequent page.

Finally, click on the Assign activity packs button to assign the practice recommendation activities. Click here for more information about assigning practice recommendation activities.

Explore Quill's data reports

Check out Quill's data reports! To do so, click on the My Reports tab. Then, click on any of the sub-tabs within the My Reports tab. Click here to learn more about Quill's data reports. Please note that the reports that have a diamond icon to the right of their name are Quill Premium reports and will only be available in your account if you have a Quill Premium subscription.

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