Quill offers several reports to help track student progress and inform your instruction. Three reports are available to all users, and there are four additional reports for premium users. Activate your premium trial or purchase a premium subscription to experience these additional reports!

Table of Contents:

  1. Diagnostic Report

  2. Activity Summary Report

  3. Activity Analysis Report

  4. Activity Scores Report (Premium)

  5. Concepts Report (Premium)

  6. Standards Report (Premium)

  7. Data Export Report (Premium)

Diagnostic Report

We recommend all teachers start their class' Quill journey by assigning a diagnostic. The diagnostic will gather students' baseline performance data and generate an individualized learning plan – called Recommendations – for each student.

When you open the Diagnostics Report, you will see each diagnostic you have assigned to each class.

To view the results of a class' Diagnostic, click on the "View results and recommendations" link.

Screenshot showing the diagnostic reports landing page

This will bring you to the "Class summary" report for the diagnostic. You will see whole-class trends and individual student proficiency on each skill group assessed on the diagnostic.

Screenshot showing the class summary section of the diagnostic report

You can see each students' recommended follow-up practice by clicking the "Practice recommendations" link on the left side of the screen.

Screenshot showing the practice recommendations grid on the diagnostic report

Diagnostic Report Tips & Tricks:

  • Click the "Student responses" tab to view each skill the student used correctly on the diagnostic

Screenshot showing the student responses section of the diagnostic report

  • Click the "Questions analysis" tab to see the class' average score for each question on the diagnostic

Screenshot showing the questions analysis section of the diagnostic report

Activity Summary Report

The Activity Summary report offers a high-level view of student progress on their activities. This report allows you to see students' proficiency level on each completed activity, what activities are in progress, and how much time students have spent on activities.

Screenshot showing the activity summary report

Activity Summary Tips and Tricks:

  • Use the class, activity pack, and date filters at the top of the report to narrow your search

Screenshot showing the filters of the activity summary (class, activity pack, and date filters)
  • If a student has replayed an activity, that activity will appear with a blue circle in the top right-hand corner. The number inside this blue circle will indicate how many times the student has submitted the activity.

Completed activity square, green for proficient, number 2 in the top corner to indicate the activity was attempted twice by the student
  • You can view the total time students have spent on Quill in the top right portion of their section, or you can hover your mouse over an activity to see how much time the student spent on that individual activity.

Screenshot showing the time spent report

Activity Analysis Report

The Activity Analysis report allows you to dig deeper into each student's response to different activities. The first page will show you a list of each activity pack you have assigned.

Screenshot showing the activity analysis landing page

Then, you can click the student's name to view their responses to the activity and how much time they spent on the activity.

Screenshot showing the student responses section of the activity analysis report

You will see the question's prompt, what the student submitted, the feedback the student received, and what concept was being used in the activity.

Screenshot showing the questions reports section of the activity analysis report

Activity Analysis Tips and Tricks:

  • Use questions or concepts from the activity analysis for your Do Now/Warm-Up activities

  • Use a student's responses to provide feedback during student conferences

  • Lead whole-class discussions by anonymously sharing student responses

Activity Scores Report (Premium)

The Activity Scores report generates a "Quill Progress Report" that you can download and share with students. This report will show you the student's overall Quill score, how many activities they have completed, and what their score was on each individual activity.

Screenshot showing a student's activity scores report

Activity Scores Tips & Tricks:

  • Click the arrow next to each activity to see the student's Activity Analysis on that particular activity

  • Set due dates for each activity and use the Activity Scores report to pull the grade for the grade book

  • Organize activity packs by concept and use this report to implement concept-level grading

Concepts Report (Premium)

The downloadable Concepts Report shows you each concept the student has encountered on Quill and what their average score is for those concepts.

Screenshot showing the concepts report

Concepts Report Tips & Tricks:

  • Download the Concepts Report and allow students to use this as a checklist for their writing drafts

  • Use the information on this page to structure station rotations or cooperative grouping

Standards Report (Premium)

The downloadable Standards Report allows you to see each Common Core State Standard that your students have encountered on Quill.

Screenshot showing the standards report

You can click into each standard to see which students are proficient in that standard.

Screenshot showing which students completed an activity that is aligned to Common Core State Standard 3.1a - Use adjectives and adverbs

You can also click into each student's name to see their individual standards report.

Screenshot showing each standard a student has encountered on Quill

Standards Report Tips & Tricks:

Data Export Report (Premium)

The Data Export feature allows you to download students' raw Quill data as a CSV file for further analysis on your own or to upload into another system.

Screenshot showing the data export report

Data Export Report Tips & Tricks:

  • Use the classes, activity packs, and students filters at the top of the page to narrow down your report

  • Share the CSV file with your administration, instructional coach, or team leader to identify growth areas for students and cooperative grouping

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