Whether you are new to Quill or want to explore some additional features, you can take advantage of our demo account for teachers. This account is pre-loaded with students and completed activities so you can view Quill’s student data reports, test out different features, and get a better understanding of how our website works. Any changes you make on the demo account are not saved and do not affect your main account, so have fun and poke around while you’re exploring!

Accessing the Demo Account

To access the demo account, log into your Quill account and click “Explore a demo teacher account” underneath “Handy actions” on your Teacher Dashboard.

Then, click “Let’s go!” to enter the demo account.

You’ll know you’re in the demo account when you see a light green banner at the top of the page.

When you are finished viewing the demo account, click the green “Exit demo account” button at the top of the page to return to your Quill account.

Tips and Tricks When Using the Demo Account

Tip #1: Create an extra class in the demo account and practice moving students. This is a great way to practice moving manually added students for any upcoming roster changes. You can also practice adding and removing students from these classes.

Tip #2: Seach for and assign activities from the Activity Library. Navigate to the Assign Activities tab and click “Explore the activity library”. Practice using the filters on the left-hand side and preview, then select a few activities to create a custom activity pack.

Tip #3: Assign Diagnostic Recommendations. Quill will generate a plan of recommended activities once your students complete a diagnostic, and assigning the recommended activities is easy! Navigate to the Student Reports tab, Diagnostics report, navigate to the desired diagnostic, and click on the Practice Recommendations tab. Finally, click on “Assign Activities”. You can also practice modifying the pace of these recommendations following these steps.

Tip #4: After assigning a Growth Diagnostic to measure student growth, view the Growth Results Summary from the Growth Diagnostics report. This is a great way to preview what information you can get after students complete the Growth Diagnostics. After looking at the report, be sure to assign a Growth Diagnostic to your own classes!

Tip #5: Check out the various premium reports! If you’re wondering what these premium reports look like, you can view them by clicking the “Student Reports” tab, then clicking on any report with a gold star next to it. Activate your premium trial today to see the premium reports for your Quill classes!

Remember that the changes you do to this demo account are not saved and do not have any effect on your main account, so feel free to poke around! We hope these tips help you get accustomed to the Quill interface and save you time implementing Quill with your own classes!

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