Click here for a video introduction to the Growth Diagnostics, including how to assign them and how to read the student reports. Read the full walkthrough below:

How to Assign a Growth Diagnostic

  1. Click on the "Assign Activities" tab. In the top left-hand corner, select "Assess student writing with a diagnostic."

2. Select the Growth Diagnostic that you would like to assign. Available Growth Diagnostics:

Starter Growth Diagnostic (Post)

Intermediate Growth Diagnostic (Post)

Advanced Growth Diagnostic (Post)

ELL Starter Growth Diagnostic (Post)

ELL Intermediate Growth Diagnostic (Post)

ELL Advanced Growth Diagnostic (Post)

Growth Diagnostics are locked if you have not previously assigned students its Baseline Diagnostic:

Button to preview a Growth Diagnostic and

3. Upon selecting the Growth Diagnostic, you will be taken to the assignment page. This page allows you to re-name the diagnostic, set a due date, and choose the classes and/or students who should receive the assignment. Classes with a "locked" symbol have not been previously assigned the Baseline Diagnostic, therefore, make sure you assign a Baseline Diagnostic to this class.

4. Press Assign pack to classes in the top right corner and the Growth Diagnostic will appear in your students' dashboards!

Viewing diagnostic results

After students complete the Growth Diagnostic, your next step is reviewing their results. Follow the guides below to understand what each Diagnostic report page offers:

How do I read the Class Summary and Student Results reports?

How do I read the Practice Recommendations report and assign more recommendations (if available)?

How do I read the Student Responses report?

How do I read the Questions Analysis report?

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