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Premium Admin - How can I help teachers get started?
Premium Admin - How can I help teachers get started?
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Premium administrators on Quill have access to a variety of resources to ensure a successful Quill implementation. Click below to find troubleshooting tips and links to resources you can share with teachers.

Available Platform Integrations

Quill currently offers these methods for teachers to sign up and log in to their accounts:

  • Google

    • Enables account login via Google SSO

    • Required for Google Classroom rostering

  • Clever

    • Enables account login via Clever SSO through the Clever portal or Quill's login page

    • Required for Clever rostering

  • Manual email and password

    • Manual login by typing email and password on Quill's login page

    • Manual rostering (typing students' names or shareable join link)

  • Canvas

    • This integration is under development and will be available soon.

➡️ Click here to access resources you can share with teachers.

Student Rostering Directions

Depending on the method your school chooses to use for account creation and rostering, you can send the corresponding set of directions to teachers:

Premium Access

Teachers must link their Quill accounts to their schools to receive access to Premium subscriptions. Linking to the school also displays their accounts and student data under your Premium Hub.

Teachers will be prompted to link to their schools during the initial sign-up process. They can search for the schools by name or zip code:

If teachers clicked on "Skip for now" or did not link to the school during initial sign-up, they can connect to the school via their account settings (located in the Home tab under the My Account page).

➡️ Click here for a tutorial you can share with teachers.

Self-Paced Training

Your Premium school/district subscription includes access to Quill Academy, our new library of self-paced training courses.

Extensive Course Library: Courses cater to teachers' writing instruction needs. New courses will be launched to support teachers throughout the school year.

Quick and Targeted: Courses are 15-25 minutes long. Teachers can complete a course in a prep period and earn a certificate of completion!

Teachers can access Quill Academy and complete courses at any time through the Quill Academy tab on their dashboards:

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Teachers at my school do not have access to Premium reports.

Ensure teachers have connected their Quill accounts to their schools. They are correctly connected when their Quill dashboard displays the "School Premium" or "District Premium" symbol next to the Quill logo, according to your subscription tier.

  • Teachers at my school are not displayed in the Premium Hub.

Ensure teachers have connected their Quill accounts to their schools. The Premium Hub updates nightly, so if a teacher has just connected to the school, but their account is not displayed in the Premium Hub, check back after 24 hours.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to send a message to the Quill team using the green message bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen or email us at

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