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You can sign up for a new Quill account with Google, Clever, or a username/password combination. If you are a returning teacher, log in to your existing Quill account.

💡 Teacher Tip: after logging in, connect to your school on Quill to be linked to any existing or future premium school or district subscriptions!

You can create classes on Quill manually, through Google Classroom, or Clever. Watch the video above or click the tutorial links below for step-by-step instructions.

  • Manual classes
    Option a. Teacher creates classes and adds students by first and last name.
    Students log in with Quill-generated usernames and passwords.
    Option b. Teacher creates classes and invites students with an invite link or the class code. Students create their own accounts.

    Click here to learn more about creating manual classes.

  • Google Classroom

    Teacher imports rosters from Google Classroom. Students log in to Quill using their Google emails.

    Click here to learn more about Google Classroom rostering.

  • Clever

    Teacher imports rosters from Clever. Students log in to Quill using their Clever accounts (directly from Quill's login page or by clicking the Quill tile on their Clever dashboards.)
    Click here to learn more about Clever rostering.

💡 Teacher Tip: after creating/importing your rosters, add co-teachers to your new classes and archive last year's classes you no longer need to access.

The Assign Activities tab is the place to look for, preview, and assign activities.

Quill Diagnostics

Click on "Assess student writing with a diagnostic" to preview and assign a baseline diagnostic. Our baseline diagnostics help you discover the gaps in students' writing and assign a personalized learning plan of activities. Our baseline (pre) and growth (post) diagnostics cover a wide variety of concepts, and the ELL Diagnostics include instructions in 16 different languages. It's the perfect way to get your students started on Quill!

Estimated time: 15 - 30 minutes

Independent Practice

Quill Grammar, Quill Connect, Quill Proofreader

Click on "Explore all activities in our activity library" to search our entire library of activities. Our Grammar, Connect, and Proofreader activities can be completed independently and students receive instant, custom feedback as they submit responses. These activities are self-graded and you can access students' proficiency range, scores, and responses through our student reports.

Estimated time: 10 - 15 minutes

🎒 Grade level: 4th-12th

Quill Reading for Evidence

Click on "Explore all activities in our activity library" to search for our brand-new reading and writing activities. Reading for Evidence provides texts for students and then engages them through open-ended writing prompts. Quill's artificial intelligence (AI) Feedback Bot automatically evaluates student responses. It serves custom feedback—per prompt—to coach students to strengthen their writing and better represent key ideas from the text.

Estimated time: 15 - 20 minutes

🎒 Grade level: 8th-12th

Whole Class Instruction

Quill Lessons

Click on "Explore all activities in our activity library" to search our entire library of activities. Quill Lessons enable teachers to lead whole-class and small-group writing instruction through interactive slides.

Estimated time: 20 - 30 minutes

Our student reports provide various data points to track student progress and mastery and inform the next steps in your writing instruction. Learn how to access our basic (free) data reports:

Activity Summary Report

Track activity progress and mastery with color-coded icons. Learn more.

Activity Analysis Report

See individual student responses and scores and whole-class averages on questions. Learn more.

Diagnostics Report

View what skill groups students are proficient in and where they need extra practice, view class-wide trends in diagnostic prompts, and assign recommended practice activities, Learn more.

Activity Scores (Premium)

View, download, and print a report card with individual student scores per pack and activity. Great for sharing with students, parents/guardians, and admin! Learn more.

Other Premium Reports:

Concepts - Find out which skills students have practiced and share their overall writing strengths and areas for growth through a printable PDF.

Standards - View and share your students’ overall progress on each of the Common Core State Standards

Data Export - Export student and class-wide data as a CSV file.

Register for our free live webinars and learn more about School/District Premium subscriptions, which include live professional development sessions.

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